Hello everyone. Thought I’d blog something different this time. Why do you craft? We all started somewhere. I, like many of you, find crafting therapeutic. I have a busy work life as I work from home and started in September a full-time position which means I have a little more time for crafting. Crafting has always been a bit of a must for me, something to keep me occupied. I’ve always been a stay at home person and am the type of person who can’t sit and watch TV without doing something. I’ve always got several projects on the go and more lined up. Over the years I’ve tried lots of new things, it all started off with knitting at about the age of 11, then tapestry, cross stitch, rubber stamping (thanks to Dawn Bibby), jewellery making, card making, mixed media, crochet, sock knitting, crystal art, sewing and fabric, patchwork is my newest discovery. I’m still gaining my confidence with using the sewing machine. I think Hochanda are to blame for all my crafty stash. I can honestly say I never get bored. It’s strange really, my Mum got me into crafting at an early age. I can remember her machining and sitting under the table with my Sindy dolls making them clothes with the scraps of material she had cut off. I couldn’t speak until I was 5 and had to have speech therapy. I was born with a deformed jaw after Mum had taken anti-morning sickness tablets for a few weeks, I was one of the lucky ones. But although sometimes life has been a struggle I never give up. Crafting has given me confidence to do many things. Something that was a big thing for me was I got to represent Craft Buddy Crystal Art at some craft shows in London running make and takes to help other people learn a new craft. I’ve really enjoyed doing that and looking forward to this years shows. It also gave me an opportunity to meet my crafting hero Dawn Bibby whom I’ve followed for 25 years. I’m so proud that now I get to make samples for her show. It’s been an amazing journey. I’m quite a shy person and I tend to keep myself to myself but crafting has taken me on a whole different journey and one which I adore. A highlight for me has been my visits to Hochanda. I love going to the studios and the people there are amazing. I thank my lucky stars every day to be part of such an amazing crafting family. Here are a few photos from last year.
I hope you get some crafting done and get to learn some new crafts you haven’t tried before. What do you want to learn in 2019?  I think felting is on the cards at some point or some Clarity parchment. Not sure which will come first!! Here’s to a crafty 2019.
Until next time….  Keep crafting.
  1. Terri-Kim Kyte says:

    Thank you for sharing your story Tracy. I have bought such a wide variety of different products for all sorts of crafts too through HOCHANDA since it begin. A lot of which I’m still to use. Since having spinal surgery way back in January 2013, the Agoraphobia which had begun to take affect during the couple of months or so before, became far worse. I would get terrible panic attacks & still have on occasions, plus severe anxiety problems which makes it extremely difficult if I have to go out. As I’m sure you can imagine from your own experience Tracy, HOCHANDA & crafting is my life line. It has given me so much & although there are hard times when I struggle to answer the front door or even the telephone, I always enjoy watching the shows, speaking to other crafters, like yourself, & seeing what wonderful projects everyone shares on the facebook groups. Thanks again & I look forward to continuing to follow & see your beautiful creations Tracy xx

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