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Glittery Illustrated Jewellery

Meet Rebekka Clarkson, aka Bekbek Makes as she explains the magic behind her fun, illustrated jewellery and how she uses laser cut Birch wood and UV Resin.

UV Resin

A few years ago I quit my job to make glittery dinosaurs! As ridiculous as that sounds, it was my dinosaur jewellery that caught peoples attention and enabled me to work full time on Bekbek Makes! I am now stocked in lots of lovely independent shops all over the world. I have a Japanese distributor and in 2019 I was invited to demonstrate at two British Fairs over 3 weeks in Japan. This was a mindboggling experience and I wasn’t prepared for the absolutely lovely response people had to my jewellery.

Bekbek Makes

What is UV Resin?

UV Resin is a material that polymerizes when exposed to UV light. Simply put it is like a clear liquid plastic that cures hard under UV Light within a few minutes. The freedom this allows you when crafting is incredible. When used safely resin is such a versatile addition to your crafting. If you are working on a large scale project then two part resin will most likely be the best choice. But for smaller projects UV Resin allows you much more control as it can be set instantly.

When I first made my dinosaurs I felt I had created something special, there were already lots of beautiful dinosaur jewellery out there, but what made mine unique was the method I used to make them.

From initial hand drawn sketches I then digitise my drawings, turning them into files that my laser cutter can understand.

I then laser cut each design myself from FSC Sustainable Birch wood. Also creating the wooden shapes I sell.

The next step is the fun part, each shape is hand painted.

Then mixing a small amount of glitter and UV Resin I fill the sections of the design which I have completely removed. I use this same mixture to highlight sections of the design too. This is then cured under the UV light. Finally I completely cover the design in UV Resin, the consistency of the UV Resin is slow moving like honey which allows me to gently push it to the edges of each shape forming a dome like layer. Once cured the UV Resin almost magnifies the glitter captured inside.

I launched my UV Resin kits as I people were really interested in the process I used to create my jewellery.

I love appearing on The Craft Store as it gives me an opportunity to explore all the exciting things you can do with UV Resin, demonstrating all the amazing ways to use it like this Heart Necklace which was created using UV Resin mixed with UV Resin Pigments and glitter in a silicone mould.

UV Resin

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