Hi all. My name is Terri Gifford and I am so excited and proud to be a new blog ambassador for Hochanda. A little about myself… I am from the USA but have lived in East London for nearly 11 years. Before moving to the UK, I was an interior designer but also have always had a love for pattern and graphic arts. I currently own a dog grooming salon, but my true love is arts and crafts. I don’t know when I actually started crafting because I can remember doing some sort of art and crafts since I was a child. So, that’s a bit about me, I hope you enjoy my posts and I do hope they inspire you to let your imagination and creativity soar.
I have so many fabulous ideas I had no idea where to start, then, one evening when I got home, I saw it… an old dark wood magazine rack set out by the bin. I would never usually considering selecting this type of accessory for my home, but for some reason this one cried out to me to be upcycled (yes, I am a “dumpster diver” …).  My mind started racing with ideas, and I decided to use a bit of gesso, Unicorn Spit and stencils. I am going to attempt to turn this … outdated… magazine rack into a rack that I can store my large crafting tools, ie. Groovi light board, score board, stamping platforms, etc. So, here we go…
I started buy disassembling the rack and lightly sanding all of the pieces to help the gesso adhere a bit better. I then roughly covered all of the items with gesso, I didn’t wan t a smooth or solid coverage. I had a vision of a sort of weathered look with some of the old wood, the gesso and the unicorn spit all blending together.
After the gesso was completely dry, I dove in for my first play with Unicorn Spit. I selected Weathered Wood stain and began applying it to all of the pieces but the spindles on the sides and the knobbles at either end.
During this process I found that it was better to leave the stain on a bit longer… but, I also realised that instead of a mixture of textures… I had made a surface that was very similar to petrified wood. The stain had taken on the characteristic of the gesso texture. I have to say I absolutely loved doing this and I think I am hooked with the staining … will definitely be getting other colours.
Once I was done staining the main pieces, I used Pebeo spray paint I had just gotten at the NEC. I have been wanting to try spray painting so I thought this would be a good start… This was a fun process but I have to admit that I need some practice using lighter sprays… but I am happy with the result.
I wanted to add a pop of colour to compliment the ‘petrified wood’ look I have just made. So the spindles and knobbles got some colour…
Let’s decorate the end panels… as beautiful as they are, they could use a bit of fun… so Leonie’s stencils and Indigoblu paints to the rescue… I wanted the paint to pop, but blend in with the base colours, so I tapped the sponge to leave only a bit of paint, similar to dry brushing.
Here is one of the end panels, like the way the colour blends
In with the background, kind of like they were weathered
On the handle, I used Leonie’s masks and a couple other stencils but again only used a dry sponge…
Once all of the painting was done, I put 3 coats of an arcrylic matte sealer on all of the pieces. I really wanted to use a spray sealant but after an exhaustive search, I conceded that I have put my spray sealer in a very safe place… so I used what I had…
Time to re-assemble and fill it up…
I hope you enjoyed this process, it was my first upcycled piece and I really enjoyed it.  Thank you for viewing my first blog post for Hochanda, I hope you enjoyed it… many more on the way.
  1. Thank you Heather. I had a lot of fun and am just so excited to be blogging for hochanda and crafting regularly… 💙😎

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