Give your ears a treat when you tune in to Hochanda’s new podcast experience 
How does Matt MacNamara prepare for a show? What did Barbara Gray do to persuade Linda Williams to appear on Hochanda? How did Jo Channon find her dream job working with Hochanda? You can find out all this and much more with the Hochanda Podcast.
We are delighted to have launched our new podcast service. Think of it as Hochanda Radio… a chance for you to tune in and listen to life behind the scenes at Hochanda.
They say radio is like television – except the pictures are better. So, sit back, close your eyes, listen and let your imagination do the rest.
That’s all possible with Hochanda’s new podcast. It’s available on the website or via our app. With a true creative spirit, the team at Hochanda has been crafting new ways to bring you news about life at one of the UK’s biggest and best arts, crafts and hobby channel.
What do our presenters, hosts and demonstrators do when they are not on Hochanda? Have you ever wanted to know more about the lives they lead? How they relax away from the cameras?  What made them want to share their crafting skills with us all? Would you like to know how we put our programmes together for you or how do we find all the products we showcase? You can find out more on the Hochanda podcast.
Podcasting is a great way for you to get to hear more about the people who bring you crafting products, skills, creative techniques and thrilling ideas twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.
What better way to spend your time when you aren’t watching and crafting with us. Take Hochanda with you when you are out walking the dog, at the shops or maybe relaxing before bed.
Hochanda’s first podcast was a glimpse at the fun from our last amazing Dream Day. Thirteen crafters from the worldwide Hochanda family spent the day at our studios meeting the team, having lunch with us and enjoying a special crafting session with Leonie. You can listen in to some of the highlights of that very special day right here or by visiting
The latest Podcast is a revealing discussion between Hochanda host Matt MacNamara and Linda Williams. We caught up with them as they came off air from their morning show to hear how they became part of the Hochanda Family and what crafting means to them.
Linda reveals how a chance meeting with Barbara Gray lead to her appearing on the channel and how her love of parchment craft kept her calm and collected when a family crisis threatened to turn her life upside down. Matt’s been on TV for a long time. He began his working life as a local reporter in Oxford. In the podcast, he reveals how crafting and jewellery making has been in his blood since he was a boy and how he and his crafter wife have passed on their creative genes to their two children.
Have a listen to the Hochanda Podcast. There are many more to come. Including a fascinating discussion between Janice Phillips and Jo Channon. We even want to include many of our customers in future podcasts. You never know we could soon be listening to your story and learning about your love of crafting.
Listen to all episodes here

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