1. Pattsy Orsburn says:

    I mess up my full size Gemini and was on Create and Craft. Came across this machine the price was great, really a great machine, i’m still using it even throw Crafters Comapanion replace the Gemini for me, My GoPower is still setting in my Gemini place. Just love the Machine Just came across it and was sold.

  2. Lovely to read. I met you at the NEC in2019 and you were just so friendly even had a hug…what are those? Good luck with the merge and I bet you are great at training guests.

  3. I have followed your journey, highs and lows, since your first TV appearance. So excited to finally meet you at Ally Pally 3 years ago and then at the very last dream day. Couldn’t believe me and hubby got to actually craft with you. You’re so down to earth, positive, real and inspirational xxxx

  4. Hi leonine love your crafting I’ve followed you since QVC you just get better and better.
    Can you tell me you did say that you had a show coming up with steadtler pens in January. Have I missed the show. I wanted some of the pens. Thanks