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Featuring - Leonie Pujol

Hi there Crafters!

It’s Leonie here.

I thought I should do a little introduction just in case we have new people tuning in to The Craft Store/C&C who don’t know me.


I have been in the craft industry for years. I started making things as a kid, I particularly loved working with clay. This hobby became an obsession, and finally I left my “proper” job (in a stockbrokers!), to start doing craft fairs with my sister. We had a lovely time, and sold our crafty wares all over the country. The direction changed again, and I started working in a craft shop, Topaz Crafts, owned by Dawn Bibby. At that time Dawn was selling crafts on QVC, and I started driving her to the studio and helping set up the shows. Next twist in the plot…I ended up on the telly! I wasn’t expecting that to occur. The first time on air was terrifying! I was so scared – and obviously forgot to take my hairbrush. Some things don’t change. The craft days were fantastic at QVC. They felt so special. It was a fantastic place to work. And we had some laughs. However, things move on and my next step on the ladder took me to presenting on Create and Craft. That was such fun. I met friends for life, and learnt so much. And became a presenter! With my northern accent. I do love that television no longer requires everyone to have a clipped English accent – regional accents are wonderful, and we seem to have embraced them. Anyway….next…..to Hochanda. This was when it was brand new. It wobbled along on its baby legs and grew…and grew. Again, I’ve met friends for life. And absolutely love my job. I now wear many hats, from presenting, guesting, and now helping with guest training. I still don’t really believe this is my job. It feels a little to good to be true.


Over the years I’ve met so many fantastic people, guests, crafters and of course colleagues. It has been a wonderful journey.


So…that’s a little catch up into my crafty life so far. But, to bring us right up to date last week was super busy. I had the amazing Stamperia one day special, which sold out in 3 minutes. All that prep! Haha. Here’s a few of the finished samples from the Stamperia design team. They’re absolutely amazing

 I also did two days presenting over at Create and craft. That did feel a little strange. As you probably know, The Craft Store has purchased c&c, and the two channels are merging. We have been doing a presenter “mash up”, and swapping sides! It was lovely to see so many old faces, and so many friends. Especially my chum Nigel May. He has to get a special mention. We then did a show over on The Craft Store – he came and presented my Let Leonie Loose. Which was fabulous.

Now, I did want to let you know about this weeks Let Loose – new stuff!  We have a brand new collection from Art Inspirations, and they’re beautiful. I’ll let you have a very sneaky peak….

How stunning is that? So excited. That will be Wednesday, but I’ve also got shows for The Happy PlannerPig Pink and Faberton, this week as well. So loads of goodies to look forward to. Remember if you miss any of the shows you can always watch them on catch up.


Take care everyone, and happy crafting.



  1. Lovely to read. I met you at the NEC in2019 and you were just so friendly even had a hug…what are those? Good luck with the merge and I bet you are great at training guests.

  2. I have followed your journey, highs and lows, since your first TV appearance. So excited to finally meet you at Ally Pally 3 years ago and then at the very last dream day. Couldn’t believe me and hubby got to actually craft with you. You’re so down to earth, positive, real and inspirational xxxx

  3. Hi leonine love your crafting I’ve followed you since QVC you just get better and better.
    Can you tell me you did say that you had a show coming up with steadtler pens in January. Have I missed the show. I wanted some of the pens. Thanks

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