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Hi there Crafters!

It’s been such a great week in the wonderful world of craft. I thought I would give you a few highlights from the last few days. 

So a question I get asked a lot is my most embarrassing moment on TV. Well this week I think I managed to encounter one that makes my list. We were featuring Tyvek, which is know as the untearable paper; you can guess what happens next. After spending a long time singing the virtues of the untearable paper, stressing that it is impossible to tear, I only went and managed to tear it live on air. I feel I should stress although the paper is described as untearable it’s not actually meant to be used like that. The robust nature of the paper makes it perfect for hinges that come under a lot of stress from opening and closing. I should also say that the piece I tore had a lot of abuse throughout the day from every member of the team attempting to tear it. 


All that aside it made for a very funny moment in TV. If you fancy a giggle, go to the rewind section of our website, search 2nd of February at 10am, That’s Crafty Show. It happens about 8mins into the show.

Another highlight of my week was getting to work with a brand new guest/company, the lovely Leona and Glitzcraft


Leona was such a fantastic guest, I can’t wait to spend more quality crafty time with her in the future. She brought in some beautiful glitter stencil pastes, stencils and MDF. My favourite part of being a presenter at The Craft Store is getting to watch the demonstrations along with everyone at home. Leona was really good, I definitely felt I learnt a lot from her. 

On Friday I got to make my second appearance on our sister channel Create & Craft. Where I also managed to present a show with a familiar face and great friend of mine. 



Abs was awesome! I am so glad he is getting the opportunity to introduce the ‘All and Create‘ brand to crafters who might not have seen him before. I would also like to say that everyone at Create & Craft were so welcoming. I really enjoyed my time there and as a presenter it was very interesting seeing how they do things on their side. 

I know there are a lot of changes happening, but ultimately the real winner will be Craft itself. There are so many incredible brands on both channels, having them all in one place means no-one will miss out. In the past a lot of viewers were either team Hochanda/The Craft Store or team Create & Craft; which was understandable. Now we are all team Craft. I am very excited to see what the future brings. 


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