Well hello there my little Battenberg‘s I do hope you’re well! 

For those who don’t know me let me give you a little breakdown of how I started in the wonderful world of craft. My name is Adam, I have had a varied career that allowed me to see the world from the shores of Majorca to the beaches of the Caribbean, and all doing what I love which is meeting you, the reader. My background is in singing, dancing and presenting whether this be ice carving on the top deck while sailing around the Balearic‘s, or a game show to 3000 people in an family hotel overseas – or even my late night cabaret in a adult only hotel here in the United Kingdom. I got into the world of craft 2 1/2 years ago when I started presenting at Hochanda. I try and have a go at everything, something’s I’m good at something’s I’m not but it’s the taking part that counts.

So that’s enough about me let’s go through what’s going on this week and what happened to me last week.

Last Week

So last Monday the 7th we had a lovely day on The Craft Store with the amazing Loen swooping in for me and I went over to Create and craft and had some lovely shows. I did enjoy going from the Hunkydory show straight into the launch of the Tattered Lace 9th Anniversary show.

TV Secrets

…… full change in 2 and half minutes!!  It was all under my first shirt !

Back over on The Craft Store, I started the week with the lovely Rowandean Embroidery birthday shows which were amazing. I also had our Lou Simms with a new Dolly Dimples One Day Special.


 I would love to sit and chat more but I have found a new hobby in Pebble Art and I must get back I have load of ideas!!


 I will see you on the Tv very soon but in the mean time come and see what I get up to on my Facebook page Adam Humphreys on The Craft Store. 

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