Welcome back to Presenters’ Corner, the blog where we celebrate our amazing presenters by having a catch-up and get to know them a little better! Last month we chatted with the brilliant Yiannis, who told us about his highlights of being The Craft Store among many other things – if you missed it, you can catch up here.

Now, it is time to unveil who this month’s star is…


Alex Turchyn


Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi! I’m Alex and I have been with The Craft Store since the very start. I took a year’s sabbatical to study and qualified as a journalist to expand my repertoire but now I’m very much back as part of the The Craft Store family. I also trained as an actor some years ago at Guildford School of Acting and still tread the boards to this day from Shakespeare to musical theatre. My main craft growing up was cross stitch but since joining the channel my style of crafting has significantly broadened and now, I have a craft room filled with all sorts!



How are you keeping your creativity flowing at home?

I’ve been making lots of gift boxes and cards. I’m really pleased with the Father’s Day card I have made, plus it’s my mum’s birthday soon so I’ve made something for her too. That has really kept me motivated as I can’t wait to finally see them!


Have you picked up a new craft recently?

I would say I go round in circles with what takes my fancy from cross stitch to hand embroidery,  card making to mixed media. I have not yet done much machine sewing so that is probably next on the list.



Can you tell us any backstage secrets or fun stories?

There’s always lots of giggling before we go to air. Especially when I am working with Leonie as we like to have a natter right up until one second to go. Oh, plus there’s also the time when it hadn’t yet officially been announced that Paula was joining us as a full-time presenter and I accidentally let it slip on Good Morning The Craft Store! Whoops! Luckily, I didn’t get into too much trouble lol!


What are your most treasured crafts that you have made?

I really love the gift boxes I make as I see them as presents in themselves. I also have many framed cross stitch pieces with an Egyptian theme that I did many years ago and they took AGES to complete so they give me a real sense of achievement and they take pride of place on the walls.



What are you most looking forward to on The Craft Store?

It’s wonderful seeing so many new suppliers with all their ideas and it’s also interesting seeing how craft evolves and changes. Plus of course, it will be so nice when things get back to normal (whenever that might be) when presenters and guests can go back to being next to each other and in the same set.


Do you have a tip for a new crafter?

Always have a pin handy to unbung your glue when you’ve forgotten to put the top back on!


Alex at Hochanda


Thank you for joining us for this month’s edition of Presenters’ Corner, we hope you have found it a great read! If you’d like to read more about Alex, then you can do so on her new presenter’s page!

  1. Hello Alex , it’s really nice to know some things about our presenters , you are a lovely person as well as friendly and funny . Thank you for this little insight to your life . Take care and continue to have fun in your work . Look forward to seeing you again sometime . 🌹🌹🌹🌹x

  2. Jacqueline Turner says:

    Alex is a lively person was so glad when she came back all the presenters are good and very friendly I live Lennie she makes me lough your all very friendly also the receptionist when you ri g up ate very helpful the presenters never rush the person that is crafting which is great thanks to you all

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