Hello everyone! 

My name is Paula, and I’m very excited to open the Presenters Showcase. I am very fortunate to have made a career of crafting that has led me to present on The Craft Store. 

I had never even dreamed of being a presenter. Back in 2003 I started watching Create and Craft online, because it was one of the few channels that broadcast online and I got hooked. I was already a keen crafter (started making cards in my mid teens) but watching presenters like Martyn Parker got me learning English in earnest. So it’s been a journey with many twists and turns. Since joining Hochanda with Tonic as a guest demonstrator I felt at home with the whole team both behind and in front of the camera. To work with my “wife” Leonie Pujol, as well as some of my other best friends is a constant source of joy and inspiration. 


My passion for crafting, colour and storage is well known, so I love presenting storage shows. One of my past times is to have an organised (but probably untidy) craft room and to experiment with colour and design. And what can I say, one of my all time favourite moments on air was when Jill Clay from Festival of Japan dressed me with a Kimono and wore it live on air.


Die cutting and paper engineering has been always my specialty so I am really excited about the brand new launch of Miss P Loves, the new butterfly pages and more on The Craft Store, Monday the 24th at 6pm. I hope you can join Adam and myself then! The boundless journal system has been something I had in mind for some years so when I was approached by Crafts Too to design dies, it made perfect sense to do them. 


As you can see, my two beautiful kittens have been “helping” me out to prepare for the shows. I am so lucky that they found me after loosing the old Wasabi (who made his TV appearance in the 5th birthday promo, and also one of my biggest bloopers!) . Since Kabuki and Fuji have been with me we have had loads of cuddles and smiles. I love discovering their different personalities, Kabuki is more adventurous and Fuji is just more of a laid back character.


Crafting, the kittens, colour, my friends, traveling… all makes me happy!


Ps, you can follow my daily adventures on Instagram stories @paulabmpascual


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