My Papercut Forest recently joined The Craft Store family this year in May, and we are excited for you to get to know Silvina De Vita and find out how My Papercut Forest has got to where it is today. 

I’m Silvina De Vita, an Argentinian paper artist based in Brighton. I am the founder of My Papercut Forest.

Ten years ago, I discovered what an amazing material paper is.

This opened up a whole new path for me. I opened my Etsy Shop, called My Papercut Forest, where I sell personalised little paper gifts with stories in them. These paper sculptures are currently on sale in various bespoke home furnishing stores like The National Trust and The Wellcome Collection and online. I’ve worked with companies including Netflix, Unesco, Mollie Makes and many more.

My Papercut Forest

My Papercut Forest is a playground for my imagination, a place to try out new ideas, artworks and designs. A place to be free from my own name (and from the kids!) Here, I create, make and sell a range of artworks including paper cut sculpture boxes, miniature paper domes, illustrations, prints, greeting cards, and loads of other unique objects. All designs are by me, and all items are handmade with love in Brighton, UK.

Forests are my favourite places in the world. I take the family for walks in the countryside as much as I can. Since a young age I’ve loved camping and being outdoors. My name “Silvina” in Latin means “from the woods”, so I wanted to incorporate that into the name. And the three trees in the My Papercut Forest logo symbolize my three children. They are the air to my lungs.

In Feb 2019, I became Captain of the Brighton Etsy Team, one of the biggest groups in the country. I’m really honoured to have been selected for the role and I can’t wait to organise more amazing in person events with the team, when we’re allowed to again.

My Papercut Forest

In March 2018, I was featured on a BBC4 program called Make! Craft Britain where they present the best British contemporary crafts and workshops.

I used to work as graphic designer, which allowed me to combine my two passions. In November 2016, CALMzine, which I designed and art directed, was nominated at the Media Awards 2016. CALMzine won “Publication of the year” for 2016. As a paper artist I participated in two American books. One called Beautiful Paper Cutting, released in May 2014, and A Very Merry Paper Christmas, released in 2016, with two “how to” guides for people to create their own personal paper creations.

I love my job so much, I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

My Papercut Forest

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