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Twin Tip Alcohol Markers

Couture Creations Twin Tip Alcohol Ink Markers are perfect for use in scrapbooking, cardmaking, mixed media, crafts, fashion design, interior design, architecture design, lettering, illustration and more!

Couture Creations Twin Tip Alcohol Ink Markers are a new affordable collection of permanent blending markers perfect for colouring and available now in over 100 colours and tones. This superior quality alcohol marker system is the ideal way to add new and exciting elements to your stamping and crafting projects plus adding an extra dimension for use in fine art, doodling, journaling, manga, architecture, graphic design and more! Here are a few of the main things we love about these new markers:


Comfortable grip for long colouring sessions

Featuring a rounded triangular barrel Couture Creations Twin Tip Alcohol Ink Markers are supremely comfortable to hold and use for short and long periods without the soreness and stress on your hand that the completely rounded barrel on a pen or marker can have. There are even a few friction bubbles on the lid and barrel to allow for increased grip and ease of use.

Flexibility of use with 2 different tips

Each Couture Creations Twin Tip Alcohol Ink Marker includes 2 tips, one a firm bullet tip perfect for crisp lines and edges and the second a flexible brush tip perfect for blending, lettering and easy flourishes. The colour on each end of the marker matches for amazingly easy coordinating and complementary techniques that will match perfectly.

Effortless blending

Designed to create beautifully and seamlessly blended backgrounds and featuring the all important colourless blender, it is easy to create spectacular gradients between shades and even completely different colours with ease. Check out Couture Creations colour wheel and blending combinations for an amazing set of colours to try together in your next crafty project.

Wide range of colours

With a total of 108 colours and tones available now from bright and pastel yellows to deep browns and dark greys there are colours and combinations out now to complement your next project beautifully. Each one is also acid free, permanent and non-toxic making them perfect for cardmaking and scrapbooking.

While we love this collection of markers, not every marker brand is made to the superior quality of Couture Creations Twin Tip Alcohol Ink Markers, so it is important to test and keep some fundamentals in mind while you familiarise yourself with the ins and outs and ensure your next project explodes with colour! Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:


Test on a small piece of corner before you go all out

Before colouring your project, make sure that your stock is going to work well with your chosen colours by using a corner or a scrap piece of the same stock first. The most important thing to look out for is the bleed, both around the edges of your lines when you colour and if there is bleeding through the stock to your work surface as Couture Creations Twin Tip Alcohol Inks can be especially juicy. Extensive bleed may not be ideal in either instance and if the effect is too severe you may want to consider a stock more suited to the purpose.

Start from light into dark

Once of the easiest things to forget when you start a new project and are excited to get to the most fun parts is that you should also start from light and blend into your darker colours. This not only makes it easier to adjust for any errors early on but helps you get into the groove before you hit those darker areas in your project. When blending, try filling your whole area evenly with your lightest colour and then blend with your darker colour over the top. Then use your lighter colour or the colourless blender to make the transition seamless.

Try mixing before applying to the page

A great thing to try with Couture Creations Twin Tip Alcohol Ink Markers is blending them like watercolours before you apply to the page for unique tones and blends. To achieve this, use a small plastic palette or container and colour inside using your chosen colours, mix using the nib of your darker colour and then apply to your project for unique effects!

Keep it flowing

Due to the dual nature of these new markers, pressure caused by changes in heat, cold or moisture in the air can sometimes cause the ink to be erratic. To return the ink to a uniform rate, simply remove the caps for both tips briefly and everything will even out back to a perfect balance.

Adding highlights

If you have arrived towards the end of your project and realised that you really wanted to add, or would like to add some highlights to your darker areas – never fear! You can use the colourless blender from Couture Creations Twin Tip Alcohol Ink Marker range to slightly dilute darker areas of ink to easily produce a highlight effect.


Thanks for spending some time with us and Couture Creations new Twin Tip Alcohol Ink Markers! We hope you are ready to jump right in with this new range and learned a few new things about colouring and blending along the way. We have loved introducing you to this collection and look forward to seeing what new projects and elements you create!

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