How to use the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool

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The foil transfer tool enables users to foil projects to give a beautiful metallic finish to a wide range of projects, which is long-lasting and incredibly shiny! Catch the live show on Sunday 9th 10am & 2pm to shop the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool

For those who are wanting to embellish their crafting projects, the Foil Transfer Kit provides the easiest way to apply foil to a wide variety of projects. Instead of heat, the system is pressure-activated, eliminating the need for heat and cords. It works with Cricut Design Space, just like the other tools, making it simple to apply foil alongside cutting, embossing and scoring etc.


You will need:

-Cricut Explore Air 2 or Maker machine

-Cricut Foil Transfer Kit

-Cricut Foil 

-White Cardstock

Step one:

Lay a sheet of cardstock face up on your mat, making sure that it is well stuck down. Next, lay a sheet of foil over the top of the cardstock, use the white tape strips in the pack to tape down the foil on all four sides pulling it taut as you go. 


Step two:

Search for your chosen image in Cricut Design Space. Make sure that the operation is changed to foil and the thickness to medium in the drop-down operation menu.

Step three: 

Select medium cardstock as your material setting, then load the mat into the machine. Load the foil transfer tool with the medium tip (has the two lines) into the blade port on your machine. Start the machine then once the foiling is complete the machine will eject the mat out further than usual so that you can remove the foil sheet without removing the mat from the machine. 


Step Four:

Once the foil sheet is removed, change the foil tool for the fine point blade and start cutting. 

Step five: 

Once cut carefully remove the card from the mat, be sure to peel the mat away from the material to prevent the card from curling.

Catch the live show on Sunday 9th to shop the Foil Transfer Tool!

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