Our NHS need our help more than ever. You can do your part and make a huge difference with the help of this fully detailed tutorial from Sew Me Something, showing you how to make unisex scrubs for our heroes on the front line.

Click the video below to get started. The sizes go from S-XXL and all the sizing measurements are on the pattern itself. In a few quick and easy steps, you’ll soon have made a set of scrubs!


Click here to download the pattern

Click here to download the instructions

  1. barbara jinny taylor says:

    where is a cheap source of the correct blue fabric? i have faric languishing right here but it’s the wrong colour/pattern. i am on a low income so i cannot spend £70 on a roll of fabric. any help??

  2. Where do I get the NHS pattern the £3 pleased give me a link, wonderful job, also what material is best I might have some but where is the best place to buy if needed.

  3. Joan Burton says:

    I would like the full pattern I think this is a wonderful idea how do I order this. I am 77 I used to sew for a living. I can still sew as I have uptodate computerised sewing machines and overlockers but cannot cut out due to a back problem but will enlist my husband i have 2 granddaughters in the front line. thank u for help well done joan

  4. Hi, I’ve just spent the last week making 10 sets of these scrubs (to be used for care homes) and following the excellent video tutorial posted above.

    Just wanted to say thank you so much!

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