Mounted Cross Stitch

Meloca Designs is an online craft company, selling modern cross stitch kits and needle minders. They were established in 2017 by Megan Caines, from her love of arts and crafts and her lifelong obsession with stitching. All of their designs are crafted in their home office in Birmingham, United Kingdom! Their cross stitch kits are all packaged by hand and include quality, hand-cut DMC thread and Sampedro aida fabric.

Meloca Designs
You will need:

A finished cross stitch or embroidery piece – Click here to shop for a cross stitch kit

Iron, Foam board, Scissors, Glass head pins, sand paper and acid-free mounting tape


Watch the step-by-step video


Step One

Iron the back of your completed cross stitch on a medium heat to get rid of any creases.


Step Two

Lay your cross stitch flat onto a piece of foam board and measure to size using a ruler. You should allow at least 1-inch of fabric on each side of the design.


Step Three

Cut the foam board to size using a ruler and a pair of scissors to score down the foam board, ensuring the cut goes all the way through the foam board. You may want to rest this on a piece of cardboard, so you don’t cut any household surfaces!


Step Four

Use medium grit sandpaper to carefully sand your cut-to-size foam board to ensure the edges are smooth. You can also round the corners by going over them a few times.


Step Five

Lay your work onto the foam board and ensure that it is centred and your design is facing outwards.


Step Six

Use glass head pins to secure your cross stitch to the sides of the foam board. I would suggest using 3 on each side or place 1 pin every 3 inches.


Step Seven

Use acid-free mounting tape to secure your cross stitch to the foam board. Don’t forget to tape the corners.

Step Eight

Your mounted piece is now complete! You can keep the glass pins in or take them out. I usually keep mine in, as I like how they look.

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