Beaded Tribal Necklace

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Approx. £60


Approx. 1 - 2 hours
You will need:

Glass tube beads (new collection)

Sparkling Glass Rondelles – Click here to shop now

Collection. Sparkling Bicones – Click here to shop now

Silver Colour Findings Starter Kit With Design Board – Click here to shop now

Round nose pliers, wire/side cutter and flat nose pliers.


Step One

Cut a length of tigertail beading wire to the length you want your necklace, adding 3” to allow for fixing the clasps.  Select the tube beads, rondelles and bicones in a colour palette of your own choosing. 

To make the beaded drops, take a headpin from your starter kit and feed on 1 rondelle, 1 tube bead, 1 rondelle, 1 tube bead, 1 rondelle.  Trim the excess wire using the side cutters to leave you about 1cm of wire and turn the wire at a right angle near the bead using flat nose pliers.  Then turn a loop using the round nose pliers by gripping the end of the wire with the pliers and turn your wrist to start a loop.  Then regrip your pliers so your wrist is at a comfortable angle and turn again, repeat until a loop is formed. If it is a little wonky, don’t worry, just straighten it up with the flat nose pliers. 


Step Two

Repeat to make enough drops for your design – I would suggest odd numbers: 3, 5, 7 …

To form your main necklace design start with a bicone and a tube bead, then repeat the pattern of bicone, rondelle, bicone, tube until you are ready to add your drops.  Then feed on a bicone, then the loop of your drop and a bicone, then a tube and repeat to add all your drop beads.  Then mirror the design of beads you fed on before so the other side of your necklace matches.


Step Three

If you are happy with the length of your necklace, you can fix on your clasp, but if not, you can add or remove the pattern on each side until you are happy. 

To fix on your clasp, take a crimp bead from your starter kit and feed through your wire, loop it through a jump ring and then back through the crimp bead.  Keep the loop small and fix by squeezing the crimp shut with a pair of flat nose pliers.  Use 2 pairs of pliers to open the loop of the jump ring and loop on the lobster clasp.  Hold up your necklace design from the other end of the wire and make sure all your beads are together with no gaps.  Then repeat as before to fix on a crimp bead on the other end of your wire, but making sure before you squeeze it shut that the excess tail of wire is threaded through a few beads to hide it.  Once fixed, trim any excess wire using your wire cutters.

You could make matching earrings using the drop design and simply fixing the loop onto an earring hook.

Experiment with different colour combinations!

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