Beautiful Home Decor Project

Whether they adorn the tables at a garden party, birthday celebration or a wedding, these delicate FIMO water lily tea lights are just beautiful. In soft pink and white tones, they’ll give any event a magical feel. They are very quick and easy to make yourself from FIMO soft: and these table decorations will never wither or fade!

Let’s get started!

Stage 1

Take a half block of FIMO soft raspberry and FIMO soft white, roll each one into a ball and shape into a triangle. To create the colour gradient, place the triangles next to each other to form a rectangle.

Tip: Work in progress and left-over material should be protected against sun and heat and can be stored in a screw-top jar or in cling film to protect it from dust and dirt.

Water Lily Stage 1

Stage 2

Next, roll the rectangle out using the acrylic roller until it is about 0.5 cm thick.

Water Lily Stage 2

Stage 3

Now pass the rectangle once through the clay machine (setting 1), short side first.

Water Lily Stage 3

Stage 4

Fold the resulting long sheet in half once, making sure the same colours are on top of each other (white on white and raspberry on raspberry).

Water Lily Stage 4

Stage 5

Now pass through the clay machine again, folded side down.

Water Lily Stage 5

Stage 6

Repeat these steps a few more times, folding the same colours on top of each other and keeping rolling until you achieve your desired colour gradient.

Water Lily Stage 6

Stage 7

Cut out 5 large and 5 small navette shapes using the cutter. You will use these to form the petals later on.

Water Lily Stage 7

Stage 8

To make the base of the water lily, cut out a circle using the round cutter.

Water Lily Stage 8

Stage 9

Turn the ovenproof bowl upside down. Place the FIMO petals around the curved edge of the bowl, so that they take on its curved shape. Place the FIMO circle and the bowl with the FIMO petals in the oven and harden at 110°C / 230°F for 30 minutes, then allow to cool completely.

Water Lily Stage 9

Stage 10

Position the circle in the middle, place a dot of glue in the centre and arrange the flower petals all around the circle.

Water Lily Stage 10

Stage 11

First attach the large petals.

Water Lily Stage 11

Stage 12

Then place another dot of glue in the middle of the large petals and glue the small petals on top. Take care to leave enough space for the tea light. Now glue the glass tea light container in the centre of the water lily using the hot glue and put the tea light inside.

And you‘re done!

Water Lily Stage 12



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