We’ve heard from Couture Creations about their incredible Alcohol Inks and why they would make a great addition to your craft stash. Take a look at what they’ve said…

“Why Couture Creations Alochol Inks? Let us start from the beginning.

Alcohol Inks are as the name suggests, an alcohol based, highly coloured, translucent and dilutable pigment ink. This means that they can be used to create brilliant colours in your card, scrapbooking and craft projects but also that they can be diluted with Blending Solution and Isopropyl alcohol to allow for unique effects and blending between colours and tones like no other ink out there today.

Alcohol Inks

Couture Creations Alcohol Inks work best on non-porous surfaces, and especially well with Couture Creations and other branded synthetic papers. This kind of stock is perfect for alcohol inking because it does not absorb any of the liquid or pigment, instead allowing them to dry naturally and organically on the surface of the stock.

Once you have your surface and your project ready, you can pick an alcohol ink to complement it from Couture Creations huge range of colours, tones and augmented ranges like their Glitter Accents collection that features a brilliant iridescent glitter that settles when your ink dries to create gorgeous, sparkling effects.

Alcohol Inks

Then it is time for application! Couture Creations Alcohol Inks are perfect in this area as they do not include any thickening resin present in many other brands products. This means that you can use Couture Creations Alcohol Inks with pouring, splattering, spraying, padding, brushing and more without causing harm to your accessories (many of which are available in Couture Creations extensive supporting range).

Alcohol Inks

So, with an enormous range of colours and tones available plus more being added regularly, great support and inspiration from Couture Creations design team and industry professionals like Lucy Campeanu and Adriana Bolzon, a fantastic range of quality accessories, storage applicators and more! Couture Creations Alcohols Inks are an amazing choice for crafters of all levels from beginner to expert, from mixed media mavens to budding cardmakers and scrapbookers.”

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