Guest Showcase with Parveen the Spice Queen

We’re back with another guest showcase!
Our next guest is known for her step-by-step recipes, creating delicious meals filled with flavour and spice. This guest has been with The Craft Store since the beginning, selling her spice boxes and demonstrating her easy to follow recipes. In line with her upcoming show on Sunday the 2nd of May, we welcome Parveen Ashraf aka The Spice Queen.

About The Spice Queen…

Parveen Ashraf aka The Spice Queen is a TV chef, cookery teacher and author. She wrote her first cook book ‘Parveen The Spice Queen, Step-by-Step Authentic Indian Cooking’ several years ago and launched her book with the support of us here at The Craft Store. After her book release, Parveen starred in her first TV series Parveen’s Indian Kitchen.

As well as being the spice queen, Parveen is a wife and mother to 3 adult children. She is a business woman who left the corporate world to set up her own business, after a life-changing illness. She turned her passion into her business and loves nothing more than to share her knowledge of food from her heritage. She believes that with her specialised designed spice boxes, anyone can learn to cook her authentic step-by-step recipes.

How the brand was born

Parveen designed her spice box for her eldest son who went to university and missed the taste of home. Parveen wrote him a recipe and packed him a box filled with roasted and ground spices. She then packaged the kit and sent it off to her son and the spice box was born. 13 years later, Parveen now has 3 varieties of her spice boxes plus her specially designed peshwaari naan kit.

Indian food is highly popular however, many people aren’t so confident when it comes to cooking it from scratch. The Spice Queen’s spice bags are all beginner friendly as they come pre-measured and blended. This takes away the fear factor of cooking Indian cuisines, making it easy for people to recreate dishes in the comfort of their own home.

What makes the brand standout?

Parveen uses a range of high quality spices in her boxes which are full of flavour. Once the spice have been roasted, they are personally expertly blended into individual spice bags. These bags are currently being hand packed by her husband and son due to current restrictions. When cooking her recipes, there is no measuring needed, each spice bag has been measured and designed perfectly in line with her step by step recipes.

Her spice boxes are all gluten-free and contain no preservatives as they all contain 100% pure spice, this is evident when you open the box and are hit with an authentic aroma of spice. You know if something smells good, it will taste good. Parveen has also created video tutorials for all the recipes in her spice box and cook book. Parveen’s cook book took over 5 years to complete and it full of family favourites and every single recipe comes with a beautiful photograph of her food.

We can’t wait to watch The Spice Queen in action on the 2nd of May, here on The Craft Store.

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