Guest Showcase with Aly’s Stitchy Fingers

December’s Guest Showcase has arrived! This month we’ve got the amazing Aly from Aly’s Stitchy Fingers joining us on the blog. Find out all about a day in the life of Aly, as well as her huge Bull Mastiff/Great Dane cross, adorable! 
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guest showcase


Hey Aly, Welcome to Guest Showcase.

What makes your brand stand out from others?

I think the fact that all my projects are designed by myself, and are inspired by things I love or need. If I need something, the chances are other sewers/crafters will need and appreciate them too.

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What does a day in the life look like for you?

Every day is different because I work from home. I run the family life along side the business. Every day starts with us having to sort our dog Molly out (she is a Bull Mastiff/Great Dane cross, known as a Daniff) and she takes some sorting, she’s as huge as Yiannis and anyone who has met her will testify. I go down to my studio afterwards, which I’m lucky enough to have at the bottom of my garden. I tend to check emails for orders and queries etc, get all orders packed then start on the good stuff; designing and making samples etc. I also spend time checking in with suppliers for the latest fabrics etc. If I have been on The Craft Store, we can be packing orders till late into the evening!

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What has been you career highlight?

I think it is the ruler system we introduced. We were the first British company to bring these to the public. We sourced manufacturers from the Yorkshire area to work with. The rulers are manufactured in Barnsley and the aluminium machine feet are made in Leeds. It was a lot of work to bring this system to the market and it was launched on The Craft Store, with a sell out ODS. Since being on the show it has gone from strength to strength.

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What is the one crafting tool you cannot live without?

I think it would have to be quilting clips, because it saves me sticking pins in my hands.

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Do your craft projects ever go in a completely different direction to originally planned?

Frequently, I start with a basic idea that evolves and changes as I start working on it.

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Take a further look at Aly’s Stitching Fingers’ products here at The Craft Store, the home of crafts, hobbies and arts.

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