Guest Showcase with Daisy B

We’re back with another Guest Showcase! The family at Daisy B Crafts has been bringing you all a wonderful variety of beautifully designed stamps alongside crafty demonstrations on The Craft Store. Take a read of this exclusive Q&A to find out more about Nina, Josie, Faye and Roy!

Check out Daisy B’s fabulous collection of stamp sets here!

About Daisy B

“Daisy B Crafts was launched in memory of our Auntie. She had a business called ‘Daisy B Wedding Stationery’ and loved her job handmaking wedding invitations, she was incredibly crafty and to this day we keep finding old paints or gadgets she used herself that we can incorporate with our crafts. We decided to name this range after her own company in order to keep her crafting spirit alive.”

What inspired the idea to start the business?

We started manufacturing polymer stamps for other people mostly, but our Auntie had her own business producing wedding stationery called ‘Daisy B Wedding Stationery’. She had not been living her dream long before she got ill and after she passed away it gave us the kick that we needed to share our creative talents and live our dreams. So, one day Nina produced some amazing unicorns and a super different alphabet, the ‘Amazabet’, and we decided why not carry on her legacy and see how our own Daisy B range would go. After 3 years, dad (Roy) decided he wanted to concentrate on his art too so he produced his range of designs and then Josie with her sentiments and here we are.

What makes Daisy B Crafts stand out from other craft brands?

Something people tell us all the time is how different our stamps are. Nina always puts a unique twist on her designs. Nina and Roy are artists and Daisy B is a business built from art and works around us as a family. We are not a big corporate business, it’s us three girls and our dad. We just want to keep working together where we can show the talents of Nina and Roy. 

What is your favourite thing about your craft (and your least favourite!)?

From Nina – My absolute favourite part of stamping is colouring and seeing my grayscale sketches coming to life using different types of colouring mediums. My least favourite part is accidentally putting my hand in ink and getting it on my artwork, somehow I manage to do this every time I craft. I’ll never learn!

From Josie – Worst part has to be the tidying up!

How do you beat crafter’s block?

From Josie – I take a card I’ve already made and follow the same layout, just using different stamps and I might change the colour if I feel like it but this always gets my crafter’s block shifted. It’s hard to go from working, or parenting or busy with jobs to sitting down and being creative. Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration and watching The Craft Store is good for crafter’s block too!!

It must be hard sometimes working with family, how do you ensure you all get along?

We have our disagreements from time to time but we each play such a different part within the business we are all quite good at sticking to what we do best, and very rarely does anyone get involved with the others work. The designers are left to design and they always get to do whatever they are inspired by at the time. I (Faye) am thankfully left to my devices, looking after the accounts and generally organising events, advertising, and everyone’s weekly tasks!! If we all stick to a routine, it’s a cracking team. But mostly we have fun, it’s not like ‘going to work’ it’s like going to see friends and having a giggle, we are always laughing at each other and we really do live the dream.


Where does the inspiration come from for your stamp designs?

From Nina – Everywhere! It might sound like a cliché but I find inspiration everywhere, it can be a strip of wallpaper or flowers in the garden or a walk with the kids. Patterns and creations are all around, so mix this with my overactive crazy imagination (sometimes in the middle of the night!) and we get some great stamp ideas!

You have had lots of shows on The Craft Store, do you have a funny/embarrassing live TV moment you can share with us?

We have had plenty of funny moments as we are always giggling if we’re together anyway, especially if we get on with Janice!! But this one particular time myself and Josie were in the wings while dad was doing his demo and he started stamping the image in the wrong place! Well obviously live on TV we couldn’t just jump in and shout ‘NO!!.. Not there Dad!’ so we just had to let him make the mistake and then he realised and we were all laughing!

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