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Album Layout Design

Celebr8 is a paper craft design & manufacturing company based in the scenic surf town of Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa. Their team is made up of husband and wife duo, Dennis and Erin. Celebr8 collections are ideal for scrapbookers, card-makers, journallers and mixed media enthusiasts.






1 hour
album tutorial
You will need:

VersaMagic Chalk Ink – Cloud White, Versa Magic Chalk Ink – Pink Pastel, VersaMagic Chalk Ink – Aloe Vera, VersaMagic Chalk Ink – Oasis Green, Dimensional Glaze, 1 x Acetate piece (10.5cm x 10.5cm)


Refer to Celebr8’s previous blog for all the materials needed to create the entire Album. 

7.5cm x 10cm (portrait) x 1, 7.5cm x 7.5cm (square) x 4, 9cm x 6.5cm (landscape) x1

Album Tutorial

Create a Mini Album with Celebr8 Serenity

Celebr8 serenity Mini Album Tutorial Celebr8 is a paper craft design & manufacturing company based in the scenic surf town of Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa. Their team is made up of husband and wife duo, Dennis and Erin.

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Cutting Guide


  • 9cm x 22,5cm
  • 9cm x 19cm
  • 9cm x 10,5cm
  • 10,5cm x 8cm

Cut all the above pieces from the “white” parts


  • Fussy cut required elements
  • Border strips (x2)





  • 8cm x 30,5cm (woodgrain side)
  • 16cm x 30,5cm (woodgrain side)]
  • 8cm x 8cm (x2) (light green side) – photo mats


  • Sheet 1: 30,5cm x 30,5cm (floral side) – cut @ 19cm for left page
  • Sheet 2: 1,5cm x 30,5cm (x4) (green side)



  • Sheet 1: Fussy cut quote card, tag, tabs & word strips
  • Sheet 2: Fussy cut 5x border strips



CARDSTOCK: PP5722 (peach wash side)

  • Quote/border strip
  • 8cm x 9,5cm (photo mat)
  • 8cm x 10,5cm (photo mat)
  • 8cm x 8cm (photo mat)
  • 9,5cm x 7cm (photo mat)

Album Layout

  • Use a sanding block to sand all the edges of patterned papers, photo mats and fussy-cut images.
  • Prepare your chipboard elements: Apply white chalk ink to the lattice chipboard. Lightly dab pink ink on a few parts of the design, blending with your finger or a blending tool. Once dry, cut the design into 3 pieces. Title: Apply white ink to the chipboard title. Use the pink and green inks to shade parts of the title. Apply dimensional glaze to “love” and “everything” words, then sprinkle glitter (found in your embellishment pack) onto the glazed parts while still wet. Shake off excess glitter and allow to dry. Also add glitter to the chipboard butterflies.
  • I recommend using 2 sheets of plain white 12×12 cardstock as your background base – adhere all the cut strips to this base to ensure that your layout is the correct size.
  • Adhere a strip of CALM (dark green) to the extreme left and right of both background pages.
  • Adhere the 2 x RELAX (wood) pieces to the left and right of both background pages, just slightly overlapping the green strips. The larger piece is placed on the right page.
  • Place the CALM (floral) pieces in the centre of the layout, but do not stick down yet. First stick the 2 REFRESH border strip (dark green dots) to either side of these floral pieces, so that approx. 1cm of the border is showing. Then adhere the remaining 2 CALM (dark green) strips to either side of the green dots pieces, also tucking fussy-cut border strips (from REJUVENATE paper) under both sides. Before sticking down completely, you will need to adhere the large fussy-cut floral collage on the left page, so that the borders can be adhered over it.
  • Adhere the larger “white” piece to the left page, approx. 1cm from the top and right sides. Adhere the other “white” piece to the right page, approx. 4,5cm from the top and 1cm from the left. Tuck cut pieces of the lattice chipboard underneath before sticking down – see picture for placement.
  • Adhere the photo mats to these “white” pieces as per picture – both green mats have been raised with foam tape. Add tab and word strips.
  • Layer the remaining border strips and quote strip along the bottom of the floral page, approx. 2cm from the bottom, tucking a tag and floral fussy-cut collage between the borders.
  • Adhere peach photo mat to white mat (raise with foam tape) and adhere to the bottom of the left page.
  • Adhere remaining photo mat to the top of the right page, approx. 1cm from the top. Add fussy-cut tab.
  • Adhere a piece of acetate to the back of the large fussy-cut floral circle. Raise the element with foam tape and adhere to the right page, tucking a piece of chipboard lattice under the top right section. Adhere your prepared chipboard title to the centre of this piece – the acetate will keep your title in place and create a “floating” look.
  • Use the remaining fussy-cut elements and chipboards to add embellishment to your layout, raising some elements with foam tape for extra dimension.
  • Sprinkle some mini beads over dimensional glaze as a finishing touch.

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