Hello, everyone! Oh it’s good to be back! I missed everything and everyone, had a sickness but better now. Today, I did something a bit different for me, trying to stretch my learning curve. I hope it’ll interest you enough to try something new, too. Let’s get started and jump right in, shall we?
For this project you’ll need a box, I used an empty cigar box (I used to work at a bookstore that sold tobacco, had a ton of these, best job until this one), some happy Graphic 45 paper, gesso, glue, scissors for fussy cutting and any extras that suit you. I picked seashells my youngest son and I found on the California coast three years ago. They are special to me, and I only use these things I love on gifts, and this is a special one. A trinket box for my friends granddaughter. Here’s the box I started with:
Using some gesso first and then opal gilding polish and a wee bit of shimmer mist, I turned that into this:
Then, I cut into the paper, it’s almost painful, that first cut into such beautiful paper! But I got on with it, hearing Leonie in my head saying to quit faffing, and using my special scissors, cut some extra pieces to decoupage for the lid, inside and out.
Oh! I’m using the Sun Kissed Graphic 45 collection of paper, by the way, since I didn’t mention that before, but any paper you like will work. I used Mod Podge to apply all the paper, on the front and back of it, using a metal ruler to smooth all the bubbles out. So far, I like it!
I added the dolphins, since the recipient loves dolphins and turtles, using the CraftaScope dolphin stamps (which I LOVE – isn’t Nick the best?!?), you can see them a bit better here:
Then it was just a matter of figuring out where to put what, the fun part! This took me way longer than it should have, but here is the end result:
(Discerning Crafters will recognise that cute logo and the orchids, that’s next for the blog)
So that’s it! I did add some Glossy Accents to the center of the flowers and her hair bow, then made myself stop, or I could have kept going, adding this and that. This was a nice and easy project, I love taking something as plain as an empty cigar box and making it into something completely different and new. I hope you too will try something new, and if so, please take a picture, or 12, and show us all in the comments. Thank you for spending some time with me, I do appreciate all your support. Until next time, Happy Crafting!!
  1. What a fab box… i love how you used the graphic 45… one of my favourite collectiins… 💙😎💙

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