Hello, everyone! I’m back again but before I get started I want to thank Hochanda for being my happy place. I know there’s a lot going on in the world, however, being the only American Blog Ambassador is truly an honor and one I don’t take for granted. I have never worked with a nicer group of people, and I’m very grateful to them for all the encouragement and latitude they give me to grow. I’m very excited to be able to bring you all my ideas and craziness, and can’t wait to see all the new stuff they’ll be bringing us all in the coming years. Now, onto crafting!
This time, I have done a couple different cards because frankly I couldn’t pick just one. I bought the Floral Frame dies a while ago and have had a great time playing with them, and made a few different things, like shaker cards, box lids with acetate, diorama cards, etc. I will say these cut better than anything else I’ve used yet, and I have used a lot of different dies. I apologise for this next picture being so blurry, I promise the rest are much better, but here’s the full set:
(When I got them, I was so excited I tore them open and demolished the packaging, and had to grab this picture from a video I did.)
When I get new dies, first thing I do is cut them all to see what I’ve got, and these really are a pleasure to work with. The pieces fall right out and, Yay!, hardly any weeding. I don’t know about you, but I hate having to sit there picking little pieces of paper out, so when I find dies that I don’t have to do that with, I typically use them a lot. Here’s a few pictures to show what I’m talking about.
Aren’t they great? The second picture I left the few little bits in that didn’t pop right out, and you can see just how few bits there are. With the waste left in the die, all I had to do was tap the die on my table and everything fell right out. I know I’m going on and on, but seriously, try these when you can, and you’ll be raving, too.
So for this blog, I picked four of the dies sets, frame and sentiment, to make two cards. That’s not a typo, because I’m layering two sets together for each card. These all fit perfectly with each other, another thing I love, and with my never ending quest to being you something a little different, this is what I’ve come up with. Here’s the first project, they are just stacked so you can see where I’m going with this:
Nice, right? But what else can I do with it, as pretty as this is, it’s a little plain for my taste. Let’s breakout the glitter box! Mine has a Swiffer sheet in the bottom for static, then a coffee filter to make pouring the glitter back in the bottle easier. This is the how I keep it mostly contained or else it just gets everywhere.
Then, using one of the big rolls of double sided adhesive, I got from Craft Price Drop (my favourite show), I attached my inner frame to that and cut it to size. I find it easier to position it exactly right if I roll out just enough then lay the card on top of it, like this:
Then, I popped it in the box, poured glitter all over it, burnished it with my stencil brush, and I’m all done with the glitter.
I left that little lip around the edge thinking I could use it to stick it to the front card, but as I am not as good as I think I am, I got glitter all over it so had to cut it off. So far, so good! Until I used Way Too Much Glue! Argh. My idea was sound, I put foam tape on the back for dimension and wanted a little bit of wiggle room so put glue on the foam, and well, yeah. Take a look:
I buckled the paper big time. I did walk away at this point thinking maybe it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought when it was totally dry, but it was worse. So, time to get out my (now extensive) decoupage flower collection, and fix it:
I thought the white sentiment was getting a bit lost, so using one of my Spectrum Noir metallic pens, brushed over the top and now I’m happy. Almost.
There! Added some Blue Denim Stickles just to give it a little more colour, added a silver mirror card to the back and my card front is now done. Now, I admit it is a bit busy, but the person I made it for will love it. (Because my Mom loves everything I do.)  Onto card #2!
This one is much easier, and I didn’t complicate things by using glue this time. My sister has a birthday coming up, so this one is for her (she never reads this, so no worries that I’m giving anything away). Bold and blue mirror card, with some holographic card in the back. And tons of sequins in the shaker bit. I’ll start at the beginning for those that want a step by step, otherwise you can skip ahead.
I used two frames again, but this time I backed the smaller of the two with acetate, since I knew I want to make a shaker card, like so:
You can just see the acetate under the Happy Birthday. I find using red line tape with acetate works best. After attaching the acetate, I fit the two frames together, like this:
Now, here’s a tip I picked up from Sam over at Mixed Up Craft (do check her out on YouTube, she’s fab, I like to give credit where credit is due). If you need to cut foam tape down, put some down on an old release paper (save those!!), then cut it to the size you want. This makes it so much easier to cut and store away for your next project.
I used the foam tape to create a “well” to put my sequins in, then popped the backing on, glued the sentiment to the front of the acetate and Tada! A pretty shaker card:
Here’s both projects:
Thank you so much for spending some time with me, I hope you enjoyed today’s projects (happy accidents and all!), and stay tuned because next time I hope to have a surprise guest! Happy crafting!

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