This Saturday, Pixelhobby UK will be giving you the opportunity to purchase a craft kit bespoke to you. If you’ve never heard of Pixelhobby before, it’s a really simple craft that involves pulling pixels off and placing them on a baseplate to follow a pattern. Whether you’re making a keyring or a 16 baseplate project, the craft is that easy! It comes with one warning though- it’s very addictive!
Pixelhobby UK will be launching their brand new bunting card kits and starter pack on the show. There are eight different card kits are available to pick ‘n’ mix including floral, baby and princess themed cards. Our bunting starter kit contains everything you need to design your own bunting including a design booklet with over 550 different ideas to get you started.
For the first time on Hochanda, the XL pixels will be available to purchase in the colour extension pack and the caterpillar name kit. These make great gifts for children as well as allowing crafters with dexterity issues to be able to make a pixel project. Extension packs and name kits will also be launched in the standard pixels.

caterpillar name kit

The possibilities with Pixelhobby are endless! With over 300 different colour pixels, any image can be generated into a pixel kit. On the Saturday show, you will have the opportunity to purchase a 4 or 16 baseplate kit and send Pixelhobby UK an image of yourself, a pet, a family photograph or a picture special to you and they’ll turn it into your own unique craft project. You won’t believe it’s made up of pixels!

4 and 16 bespoke kits

Pixelhobby UK’s 9 baseplate sampler designed especially for the show takes a traditional sampler and gives it a Pixelhobby twist. The kit contains everything you need to personalise and create your own sampler and with 20 different pictures to choose from you can theme your sampler around anything ranging from birth to wedding.

Pixel Sampler-

Be sure to tune in to Hochanda this Saturday at 3pm to see live demos of Pixelhobby and the full range of bespoke products.
Have fun Pixelling!

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