Kit includes –
Scent strips
Fragrance Blends
My kit is Natural with the following blends – Wood, transparent, herbal, balsamic, citrus and green


I was delighted when my kit arrived with the postman. I did not realise how much fun it would be. The blends are lovely. I had wondered if I should have chosen one of the other kits – Exotic or Floral but have been very happy with my Natural choice. It was quite hard to choose as the other kits sound so interesting too.


  • Label each of the scent strips with each blend
  • Dip each strip into its corresponding blend bottle until the strip tip is covered
  • Smell each blend on the strip and select which you like. I loved the balsamic, green and transparent blends. Put the other strips to one side
  • Pick up the strips with your favourite blends ( I only selected 3) and waft about under your nose. I found the aroma pleasant enough but thought it needed something else. So picking each of the discarded blends, one at a time, and adding them to the favoured blends I found a combination I really liked. You can also take away blends until you are happy with your combination
  • Make a note of your chosen blends. Mine were 1,2,12 and 17 (Citrus, Green, Balsamic and Transparent)
  • My kit contains a 30ml bottle for my own couture fragrance and as I’m using 4 blends I need to measure 7.5ml of each blend into my bottle. The pipettes have a measure of up to 0.5ml so you’ll want to put 15 measures of each of the 4 blends into the bottle
  • Unscrew the bottle and measure 0.5ml x 15 for each blend into the bottle
  • Replace the spray pump tightly and put the lid back on. Tip the bottle upside down 4 times to mix the blends



There is a measuring chart for the bottle configurations included in the kit. Detailing the measurements for different numbers of blends and bottle sizes used

Tips – Keep your kit and completed couture fragrance in a cool dry place away from any direct sunlight. If you’re finding it difficult to select your fragrance keep some coffee beans on your desk to help neutralise your nose between wafts

I didn’t realise this would be so easy, but then I suppose all the hard work has already been done by The Perfume Studio, who have made and grouped the blends so well.

I will definitely be using my own couture fragrance ALL the time and am wondering what the other kits are like!!


I think I might have to add them to my Christmas list!


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