Different Crafts to try for Valentines Day!

Is there anything more thoughtful than a handmade gift? We don’t think so! 

Valentines Day is another one of the (many) occasions that gives us Crafters a completely acceptable excuse to get creative! We don’t think theres any better way of showing affection than with a handmade gift, crafted with love. Whether you’re into knitting, crochet, felting or papercraft there’s always something to create for someone special. We wanted to put together some inspiration to help you get started on your Valentines creations! 

Jewellery makers, why not have a go and this beautiful wire wrapped rose ring by Beads By Verchiel. Available in Rose Gold, Silver and Gold you can create this beautiful statement piece in a colour that compliments your loved one best. 

For more jewellery inspiration check out our jewellery making page on our website! 

Knit your loved one a loved one! With this adorable Gracie Bear knitting kit. Her fluffy, textured yarn is easy to knit, creating a really traditional looking bear. A perfect gift. 

If you want to check out any other animals, check out Sardines for Tea for more adorable designs

If cross stitch is your go to craft, then this cushion would make a lovely gift. Even after valentines day this cushion would be a cute and adorable accompaniment for any room. 

If your loved one prefers flowers, we also have some beautiful floral creations on our Cross Stitch page.

Is there a better combination than wine and flowers? We doubt it…

We have all sorts of amazing Die Sets you can check out on our website to help you with this years card but there’s very little that can go wrong with wine and flowers!

This one is for the crochet lovers! How cute is this little Valentines Gnome? This kit is so easy to follow and the yarns included to make the gnome are beautiful and really soft. 

Find more crochet creations here!


Chocolate without the calories can only be a good thing! Treat your loved one to these completely guilt free chocolates this Valentines Day! 

Whether you celebrate with chocolate, champagne bottles, balloons or flowers, check out more felting creations by Mum’s Makery.

Everyone thinks of flowers as the most thoughtful gift anyway, but how about hand crafted AND ever lasting flowers? With a choice of roses, tulips and other flowers to choose from. This origami tutorial book also comes with another book full of inspiration to try out throughout the year, so this book will get plenty of use!

The kits are suitable for both beginner and experienced stitchers. This design is part of the wildflower collection and is inspired by wildflower meadows. This would be the perfect gift to give for valentines day, that your loved one could keep up and enjoy all through spring!

For more embroidery gift inspiration click here.

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