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GoPower and Emboss

Could this be what is missing from your craft stash to be able to take your creations to the next level? Learn about how these machines can help you make exact shapes and designs from your crafting stock for an easier, faster and more efficient crafting experience.

“The GoPower and Emboss is an electronic die cutting and embossing machine – but what does this mean, really?”

GoPower and Emboss

To start at the beginning, die cutting and embossing machines have been around for years in the crafting industry, helping to make cardmaking and scrapbooking elements easier, faster and more efficient to make. You take the plates that come with your machine to create a sandwich to apply pressure and either cut and/or emboss into your chosen stock as it passes through the aperture of your machine. This allows the creation and reproduction of exact shapes and designs from a variety of materials including patterned papers, cardstock, fabric, vellum and more.

Generally, there are 2 types of machines, manual machines like Couture Creations GoCut and Emboss and electronic machines like Couture Creations GoPower and Emboss. Manual machines as the name suggests include a crank handle that you turn in order to engage your machines gears and apply pressure while rolling the sandwich through your machine. Electronic machines help to make this process much easier, by removing the crank handle and allowing you to press a button and have the machine to all the work for you! No computer, muscle, blood, sweat or tears required.

The GoPower and Emboss is a specially designed electronic machine that has been tested, refined and created along with crafters boasting years of personal and professional experience. This means that each of its functions are easy to use, that each component has been made of quality materials and the whole machine has been built to last crafters through years of creative adventures.

Picking the GoPower and Emboss as your die cutting and embossing machine of choice also means that you get everything you need right out of the box (except your medium). This includes an A Base Plate, B and C Cutting Plates, Metal Shim and Embossing Mat. You can mix and match these various plates depending on the cutting dies, embossing folders or other accessories that you are using no matter their brand or origin to cut and emboss up to A4 size (210 x 297mm / 8.2 x 11.6in). The GoPower and Emboss machine is compatible with all popular craft brands and further plates and accessories are available sold separately (like the hugely popular Magnetic Plate to keep your cutting dies secure and under control).

Couture Creations also includes 2 of their most popular embossing designs and 30 individual cutting dies in the box with their GoPower and Emboss machine to help crafters begin or continue their creative journey and easily start creating unique and beautiful elements and embellishments for cards, scrapbook pages and off the page projects.

This all means that Couture Creations GoPower and Emboss machine with its feather light button operation, light weight (under 7kg/ 15lbs), powerful motor, quality components, wide range compatibility up to A4 size (210 x 297mm / 8.2 x 11.6in), out of the box inclusions, 12-month international warranty AND ease of use make it the best machine choice for a wide range of crafters from beginner through to advanced, from quilters to scrapbookers and everything in between!

  1. Pattsy Orsburn says:

    I mess up my full size Gemini and was on Create and Craft. Came across this machine the price was great, really a great machine, i’m still using it even throw Crafters Comapanion replace the Gemini for me, My GoPower is still setting in my Gemini place. Just love the Machine Just came across it and was sold.

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