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“Carson Optical is a unique and innovative manufacturer of magnifiers, pocket microscopes and optical accessories. Founded in 1990, Carson boasts an industry leading reputation for providing innovative designs, eye-catching retail packaging, quality products, and overall unbeatable value. We pride ourselves in offering best in class customer service and stand behind our products.”



“Carson knows Arts & Crafts, Jewellery Making, Sewing, Needlepoint and more! Count on Carson when looking for a tool to aid in your favorite craft or hobby. We offer a multitude of options for your every need.

Handsfree magnifiers are ideal for situations when you need both hands to perform a task; gem or bead placement, needlepoint, threading a needle, viewing the perfect stitch and many more situations.

Carson is delighted to be a supply partner to The Craft Store, and offers a growing selection of items, including:


The Magni Lamp™ (GN-55)

The MagniLamp GN-55

The MagniLamp™ (GN-55) is a handheld or fully adjustable, handsfree stand magnifier with built-in LED light that lets you see all the details.

Its large acrylic 2x power main lens and 3.5x power spot lens provide sharp, crystal-clear images.


The Desk Brite™ 200 (LM-20)

The DeskBrite™ 200 (LM-20) LED Lighted 2x Power 4″ Magnifier and Desk Lamp is a 2x LED Magnifier Desk Lamp with a 5x power spot lens. This item features two super-bright LED lights, while it’s large 4″ crystal-clear acrylic lens provides a large viewing area for any hobby.

The DeskBrite™ 200 LED Magnifier Desk Lamp also has a flexible neck that allows you to position the Magnifier where you need it; additionally, it plugs into any standard outlet or can be powered by using 3 AA batteries (not included).


The Desk Brite™ Mini (LM-10)

The DeskBrite™ Mini (LM-10) is a Magnifier & Desk Lamp that is great for any workplace, anywhere.  This item features a 2.25 inc, 3x acrylic lens and an extendable neck for easy handsfree use, as well as a collapsible design for safe storage. It has three super bright LED lights that ensure a clear, well-lit view every time; in turn, also promotes easy work in darker areas.

Powered by 3 AAA batteries, the DeskBrite™ Mini is a great tool for hobbyists, crafters, and those who work with small parts. Perfect to keep at your desk for bright, magnified viewing and small enough to bring with you anywhere!


The Magni Loupe™ (ML-20)

The MagniLoupe™ (ML-20) is a unique 4-piece eye loupe set with an included smartphone clip. The four loupes are: 4.5x, 6.5x, 8x and 13x power. Use the loupes on their own for up close inspection of jewellery/gemstones, print, photos, electronics and more.

The four ergonomically designed eye loupe magnifiers are engineered to rest comfortably in your eye socket. The smartphone clips allows you to capture and share your findings with friends, family or on social media. 


The Magni Grip™ Mini (MG-88)

Need a little extra help? Try a Handheld magnifier with a tweezer to get the best of both worlds. The MagniGrip™ (MG-88) is a compact, 4.5x magnifier with attached fine-point tweezers and bright LED light.

. This magnifier/tweezer combo is perfect for fine placement of beads, gems, threading; and all those “little” jobs…when you need an extra hand! It is extremely lightweight and can be used as an aid for everything from hobbies and crafts, to house and home.


The Micro Mini™ (MM-380)

Pocket microscopes can assist with viewing fabrics, help count stiches or look at printing pixels.

The MicroMini™ (MM-380) is a 20x microscope with a smartphone adapter clip. The microscope magnetically attaches to the adapter clip and is automatically aligned to the camera hole of the clip. Simply mount the adapter clip onto your smartphone camera.

You will now be able to take photos and videos through your smartphone of anything you view under the microscope; threads, materials, fabrics, gems, crystals, you name it!

The microscope features three different lights: LED microscope light, LED flashlight and UV light.

With a magnifier or optical accessories for every application, we hope Carson can be your one-stop for all your magnifying needs.”

Happy Craft Making! 

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