As life starts to return to some kind of normality we want to share some tips on how to get ready or Black Friday in 2021. 

Whether your plans are to head out to your local high street or to grab some bargains from the comfort of your living, we want to help you have the best possible experience and find them hidden gems.

When is Black Friday?

You may have heard so much about Black Friday deals but are still unsure when it actually is. Black Friday is on Friday 26th November and Cyber Monday is on the 29th November which is the following Monday. However, lots of places start their Black Friday deals earlier like us. So, keep an eye on social media and your email inbox for the early-bird deals.

Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail.

We all love a bargain and when we see one we just have to snatch it up and during Black Friday you may want to grab as many bargains as you can, however we suggest that researching the product first will pay off as you don’t want to be buying something that is going to break in a week.

Is there something in particular you have been looking for? We recommend that you check the normal prices before buying, this way you can see if you are actually grabbing a deal.

It’s also a great idea to make a list of shops that sell the item you’re looking for. You can then compare the prices and make sure that you get the best price. Having a backup option is always a good option in case they run out of stock or the website crashes. Not ideal.

Keep safe.

Are you heading to your local high street this Black Friday? I know it may feel like things are back to normality, however Coronavirus is still here and restrictions are still in places across the UK and it’s important you respect them for your own safety and others.

Staying safe online.

If you are planning on doing your Black Friday shopping at home, on the sofa with your feet up then you still need to make sure you are safe whilst going online looking for the deals.

Use websites that you trust.

If you can, pay by credit card – If something goes wrong with your purchase, they offer protection.

Make sure to use strong passwords – use lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters

Keep an eye out for phishing emails – unfortunately there are people out there looking to scam you and Black Friday is prime time for these people. If the deal looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

Working on laptop on black friday of online payment of hand holding a credit card

Create a budget plan.

It’s easily done. You start searching for Black Friday deals and the next thing you know you’ve spent your holiday money on a new TV. In all seriousness, we recommend setting a budget as you can easily spend more than what you thought you had.

Be fast, or you’ll be last.

When it comes to Black Friday, if you’re not quick then you will be missing out on some amazing deals. If you’re shopping online you don’t want to be messing around with setting up an account whilst everyone around you speeds past by logging in.

Save yourself some valuable time and sign up to your favourite shops in advance or use their guest checkout.

Join mailing lists and use social media

If you’re not already following your favourite brands or shops (The Craft Store) then it’s worth doing so. Joining their mailing list is also a good idea. Most places will give their followers or email subscribers early access to deals so this is definitely worth your time. 

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Always check the returns policy

You’ve grabbed yourself an amazing bargain, you’ve waited a week for it to arrive only to see it’s broken or not working. Don’t worry these things happen. This is why it’s a good idea to check the returns policy just in case you need to send things back.


And there you have it, our Black Friday Shopping tips. We hope you put them to good use and find some amazing deals. Don’t forget, Black Friday at The Craft Store starts on 25th November, look out for some bargains!

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