Back To Basics with Pearlywinks

In Back to Basics, we will have a special guest showing you amazing tutorials, top tips and more! Whether you’re new to crafting or a seasoned crafter, this is a blog that we hope will inspire you to try a brand new craft or try a simple technique you may have forgotten. Looking to add some colour and style to your everyday life? Create a decorative notepad front cover with this brilliant tutorial from Pearlywinks!


You will need:

8 sheets of Pearlywinks 610gsm mount board or similar

946979 – Pearlywinks Winkie Inkies Pick-N-Mix – Choose 3

Pearlywinks Texturising Paste

755733 – Frisk Mix It Store It – 12 X 10ml Buddy Cups & 10 X Plastic Palette Knives

681616 – Oakwood Set Of 2 Paper Trimmers

Stencil of your choice

Kitchen sponge cut in to quarters

Hole Punch

2 journal jump rings



Step 1

Start by cutting 6 pieces of the mount board in half and hole punch each piece. These will be the inside pages of your journal.

Step 2

Next I cut the other two pieces of mount board at 20cm x 15cm (this left a nice outer border as our Mount board is slightly smaller than A5 when cut in half). Then you need to buck up the back edges of the front cover with one of the pages and make sure the top and bottom gaps are even then mark the holes and hole punch your front and back cover.

Step 3

Working on the front cover, I put several drops of Winkie Inkies on a glass mat and then picked it up with the kitchen sponge, I did this for each of the colours (Green, Yellow, Blue and Teal)

Step 4

I then dragged the colour in lines across the page and then spritzed with some glitter pearl (if you don’t have this, spritz with water to add a little depth, the colour will lift where the water touches). Dab it off with a kitchen towel to remove excess water and then heat dry.

Step 5

Once my page was dry I then used a stencil from Angela Poole’s new collection and matched it up with our beautiful vibrant Bubblegum Pink Texturising Paste. I chose a colour that wouldn’t generally mix with the others so that it popped off the page more.

Step 6

I lifted the stencil and then dried the texturising paste so it was touch dry on top.

Step 7

With an ink free ink pad I popped some of the Blue Winkie Inkie onto the sponge and added some Magic Drops and worked it into the sponge. I then used this DIY stamp pad to ink up a text stamp and placed it down the opposite side to the texture paste.

Step 8

I finished the project by adding a birdcage die-cut from our mount board and used the jump rings to turn my loose pages into a journal.

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