Hi everyone, sure missed you all! Today’s blog is a bit different. I wanted to thank my friend, Clarise, so this is card is for her. She is the amazing woman who oversees all these blogs, and does so much more with grace and aplomb. I hope you’ll humor me, since I’m sure everyone knows how to do these. 
First you start with friendship, sharing bits of yourself and taking time to listen to them. Oh, wait, this is supposed to be about card making, you ask? Well yes, but when doing so it helps to care for the person and make it with one part understanding, one part humor and the rest with love. Paper, glue, stamps and die cuts also really help. Ribbon if you’re feeling fancy, ooh or lace! Yes, lace, this card calls for some for sure. So shall we begin? 
I had to go and mention lace…so get out your largest sheets of double sided adhesive and strips of lace. If you have a largish square (4”x4” should suffice, then two 3”x6” strips to make a 6”x6” card) that’s great, but whatever you can make into a square will work.
image1 image2
First, put your adhesive down on what lace/material you have. Next take a metal ruler, or whatever you have that’s got a firm straight edge, i.e. a cutting plate, and smooth the adhesive in place. Don’t worry if there are wrinkles, you’re just wanting to get a good impression of the material into the sticky adhesive. Then pull it back and if it works right (fingers crossed!!) you’ll have a nice impression in the adhesive. Get 3 shades of glitter and use the main all over the adhesive, and your image should show, like this:
image3 image4
Using your fingers, stipple brush, or whatever you like, rub the glitter in really well until it shines. I learned this truck from Els, from Elizabeth Crafts, she also recommends a glitter box lined with a swiffer sheet and coffee filter. Indispensable, truly. She has a ton of YouTube tutorials, please take a look. Once you have the glitter rubbed in really well, put that aside and get out more double-sided adhesive and your two strips of lace. You will need lace for this part. Again don’t worry overmuch if you don’t get the lace perfect, but I used the ruler to smooth out any big wrinkles. Once you have both strips down with just a bit of space between them, put this piece (do not cut them, you want them side by side) in your glitter box and use your darker of the two remaining colors of glitter:
image8 image9
Pour your glitter on, rub it in Really Well, then carefully pull the lace off and you should have the design left in, and sticky white portions showing. Get your last glitter color and pour it on, rub it in and now we’re ready to put it together. 
image10 image11 
How pretty is that, right?! Okay, now cut down this piece so the lace part is on all four edges, like so:
Don’t worry about the middle, I did cut it into two pieces to get them closer, but that’s solely my preference. Then peel, carefully, the glitter adhesive off and stick it down to cardstock as close together without overlapping it. Get your square piece and trim that if needed, then put that down as well:
Now, trim this piece down to get rid of anything that’s overlapping or uneven:
From here, it’s all preference. I mat and layered that, then die cut Happy Birthday in a pretty font on my tiny Prizm machine, which is perfect for die cutting sentiments:
image15 image16
Now just for final touches and the card blank. This will be a top opening standing card. The measurements I used, for those interested, are: 11”x6” and scored at 2 ¾” and 5 1/2”. Here’s the card in all its festive glory, sentiments are from Mama Makes:
image17 image18 image19
Thank you for indulging my birthday card make, and I am grateful to all of you that stuck with me to the end today! Until next time, happy crafting ☺️❤️

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