I am relatively new to the LaBlanche brand, but what I have tried I have loved! I now have three stamp sets and six stencils, and they have quickly taken their place among my ‘go to’ favourites.
Both the stamps and the stencils are a bit different from what is available elsewhere, so let’s look at them in turn so you can see just why I think they are brilliant.
LaBlanche Stamps
If you have not had much success with stamping up till now, or if you find it difficult to put enough pressure onto hard acrylic blocks or wood-mounted rubber stamps, then I highly recommend giving these a go – it’s super-easy and virtually impossible to go wrong. They are made of white silicone mounted onto firm white foam, so that when you press down onto the stamps they compress slightly. And the image on the back shows you exactly where to apply pressure – not that much pressure is needed! This is especially handy for larger stamps, as you don’t have to worry about missing a bit.
Easy and pretty much fool proof, so a lot of the worry of not getting a good stamped image is taken away and you can concentrate on enjoying your crafting. As the leaflet in the box says, they ‘provide a splendid image’.
LaBlanche Flexible Stencils
Flexi stencils are brilliant! I love them to bits. These reusable grey stencils are floppy and they are self-adhesive, so you can easily use them on 3-D projects as well as flat surfaces. Being self-adhesive has two big benefits: you do not need to tape it down as it will not move around once positioned; and it prevents leakage underneath the edges of the design, so you get a nice sharp edge, and you can spray or otherwise apply colour over top with confidence. They leave absolutely no residue on your project.
And I have found that they are excellent to use for printing too, as their slightly rough texture holds ink really well. Once you have applied your colours for the piece underneath, leave the stencil in place, position a piece of card on top, and burnish gently with your fingers to get a strong transfer print. Then you can peel the flexi stencil off of your project and re-position it onto your glass/craft mat – give it a spritz of water and you can then take a more watercolour-effect print from it. You can sometimes get several prints from the original inking-up if you repeat the water spritzing each time. These are great for backgrounds.
As you can tell by my enthusiasm, I adore my LaBlanche stamps and stencils – and I urge you to give them a try! LaBlanche are back on Hochanda on 7&8 May – you won’t want to miss these shows, and be warned – it’s not unusual for some items to sell out early. Good luck and happy crafting!

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