A Little Chat with Juey Jumbo

We recently caught up with Julie from Juey Jumbo, to answer our questions all things knitting!

This Q&A will be sure to get you pick up your knitting kits and give it another go!

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About Juey Jumbo

“We started our little company purely by accident … never did we expect such a response.

Back in 2003 while promoting another brand of yarn in USA. During a large exhibition in Atlanta I was intrigued by two guys who were knitting with strips of plastic, fabric, wire together with combinations of yarn they were making into sculptures.

I was fascinated…

I am very proud to partner with & present our products on The Craft Store TV usually around 4 – 5 times a year. They are a wonderful company to be part of.”

juey jumbo

What is the easiest knit/stitch to do?

The easiest knit stitch to do is Garter stitch where every row is a knit stitch.

juey jumbo

How many different types of stitches are there?

There are Thousands of different stitch patterns. Some are very well-known and others less. However, if you can master just two well-known stitches, the Knit stitch & Purl stitch all stitch patterns are a combination of these two stitches.

juey jumbo

Can you only knit with sheep’s wool?

No not at all! You can knit with anything that you can make yarn out of.

Here are a few ideas… Any type of wool ie: Sheep wool, Alpaca wool, Yak wool, Cotton, rope, bamboo, trust me yarn can be made from almost anything, banana, pineapple, soy bean, silk, the list goes on. Some strange things I have also seen on my travels are knitting with wire, strips of blankets, T shirts, bin liners (cut into strips) even spaghetti!

Why it is tricky to knit left-handed are there any tricks?

Being right handed I am not sure how to knit left handed. But if you look on YouTube there are lots of videos to help people out!

juey jumbo

How do you stop uneven edges?

One good way is to slip the 1st stitch purl wise on every row.  Basically place the point of your right needle into the first stitch of the row on your left needle as if to Purl the stitch, then  just pull the stitch onto your right needle, (it’s that easy) do this on every row and you will find a very neat edge appears.

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